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Cancellation policy

Last revised: May 17, 2024

Guest cancellation

Guests may cancel their trip by sending us an e-mail at, and the cancellation is effective immediately. We'll issue a partial refund to guests who cancel their reservation. There will be a $150 cancellation fee if a guest need to cancel 24 hour or more in advance of the trip's scheduled start time. There's a $350 cancellation fee if cancel within 24 hour of the trip's scheduled start time. 

More than 24 hour notice = Full amount refund minus $150 cancellation fee

Less than 24 hour cancelation notice = Full amount refund minus $350 cancellation fee

Guest no-show

If a guest fails to cancel and doesn't show up for the trip within 8 hours of the trip's scheduled start time, or if the photos or information provided by a guest fail to sufficiently allow for verification of the guest or their license during check-in, it's a guest no-show. A guest who shows up to a trip with no license, with an invalid license, or who sends their additional driver or another individual in their place is also a guest no-show. Rosete Timeless Exotics, LLC or the host will cancel guest no-show trips, and we’ll issue the guest a partial refund. There will be a $350 guest no-show fee.

It will cost us time, money, fuel, two drivers for delivery, another car to drive another driver back home, and airport parking ticket if applicable.

Partial refund = Full amount minus $350 guest no-show fee

No refund: Early returns

Early returns

There are no credits/refunds issued for early returns.

Guest trips impacted by flight delays and flight cancellations

If a guest’s flight is delayed or canceled, they must contact us via e-mail at to notify us about the delay. 

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