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Checking in for a trip

When you check in for a trip, you must submit proof of your driver’s license and your identity, collect the keys, and document the vehicle’s condition. 

Ensure you have proper documentation 

You can begin check-in up to 24 hours before your trip is scheduled to start. The first step of the check-in process is for you — the primary driver — to send via e-mail or text photo documentation of your license and identity. 

Although you entered your driver’s license information when you booked the vehicle, the license photos you submit at check-in serve a different purpose. For your security, we need photo documentation to confirm your license is valid for a trip and that the license belongs to you, the primary driver.  

It’s critical you present a license that’s valid for a trip. We can’t accept a license that’s expired, has been altered, is conditional, probational, provisional, or restricted. We can’t accept learner’s permits.  

We can accept a temporary license. In the US, a guest’s temporary license must have a photo of the primary guest. If there is no photo on the temporary license, the guest must also present another form of government photo ID. 

Upload required check-in photos

We’ll prompt you to e-mail us the identification photos listed below. 

If you’re meeting us in person to pick up the vehicle, we'll ask to see the current, valid license you uploaded as photo documentation. We can’t accept a photo or screenshot of your license or a digital driver’s license. You must present the physical license.  

When prompted to e-mail us your photos, submit a clear, close-up of your driver’s license with all four corners in the image. 

drivers license photo.png

For your second photo, e-mail us a selfie holding your driver’s license next to your face. Make sure your head and shoulders are visible and we can clearly see your face — no hats or sunglasses. 

selfie picture.png

In-person check-in

If you’re meeting us in person, we will ask to see the physical copy of your current, valid license that you already submitted via photo during the check-in window. We can’t accept a photo or screenshot of your license or a digital driver’s license.

Collect keys

We must either hand you the vehicle’s keys or give you access to them — even if the vehicle is equipped with remote locking and unlocking.

Document vehicle condition

Before you start your trip, check that the car meets legal requirements, is safe to drive, and is clean. Send us an e-mail at to take and upload time-stamped photos, and follow our guidelines to clearly document all areas of the vehicle.


Taking pre-trip photos is essential for protecting yourself in case the vehicle has any pre-existing damage or cleaning/smoking issues. These photos can also serve as evidence should you receive an inaccurate invoice from us for post-trip incidental costs.

How early can I pick up the vehicle?

You have to send us an e-mail to modify the trip. We will send you a confirmation of the changes.

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