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Trip photos guide | Guests

Use this guide as a reference to take interior and exterior photos pre- and post-trip to document a vehicle’s condition and protect you from claims for pre-existing damage.

Why take trip photos

Take and upload photos to document the vehicle’s condition and cleanliness pre- and post-trip within 24 hours of trip start and end times. Photos help us support you with settling payment disputes, confirming late return claims, assessing damage claim eligibility, and monitoring vehicle safety. Take photos and send us an e-mail at

Tip: Make sure to take well-lit and clear photos.

Exterior vehicle photos

Take at least 15 photos of the vehicle’s exterior from these viewpoints. Include close-ups of any scratches, dents, or other pre-existing issues. 

exterior vehicle photot1.png

Interior vehicle photos

Take at least eight photos of the following areas of the vehicle’s interior. Be sure to clearly document fuel/EV charge level and odometer reading, as well as any interior stains, spills, or debris.

interior vehicle photo1.png

Tip: Take pre- and post-trip photos from identical views so it’s easy to compare the two. 

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